The Zombies Nation

Get in the car and drive to get out alive!

In The Zombies Nation, your skills are put to the test. Drive through hordes of zombies, evade anything that could stop you and survive against the virus that infected Barcelona.

It's freeee !

Exclusively available for Android platforms.


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How to Play



There are two different game modes:





Just what is this game?

The Zombies Nation is a free game available for download for Android platforms. It was made in the MIT App Inventor engine.

What is this game about?

You're one of the last people alive that survived the infection in Barcelona. You've got no weapons, no fellow survivors and no experience whatsoever... but you've got your car. Drive through Barcelona's roads and reach a safe area, but be wary not to crash.

What is the purpose behind this game?

We've designed this game and the website you're currently on to participate in the Webs al contest.


Made by the students at INS Lliçà d'Amunt.
The song you're hearing is from Flashback for the Sega CD, composed by Jean Baudlot.

World Wide Ranking

# Username High Score
1 dani100 100.000
2 poleador30 69.000
3 kamisama0 30.000
4 theivan 29.000
5 keosjodan 19.000
6 tobias 10.000
7 Impressora Brother H4 1.000
8 aurelio_xd 600